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Ascent Dumbwaiter

Sometimes homes or businesses call for the use of a dumbwaiter. The Ascent is built like a mini elevator and is easy to install. There are no pulley systems and the cable drive system comes pre-installed, so our installers can be in and out of your way quick! The Ascent Dumbwaiter is run off a low voltage automatic operation call/send control. The unit can have up to 3 stops and the bi-parting doors feature a powder coat finish. Stainless steel is also available. The Ascent dumbwaiter is a great addition to any building to increase productivity and get things done the smarter way.


Some features include:

  • 100 LBs Capacity (available to up to 200 LBs)

  • Travels up to 32 FT

  • Car and drive system pre-mounted on track

  • No pulleys to install

  • Easy plug and play wiring

  • Automatic operation call/send control

  • 2-year warranty on parts/5 year on drivetrain

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