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RV Lifts

RV Handicapped Lift by Coach Lift®

RV Handicapped Lift by Coach Lift® is an RV lift designed for durability and ease of use. It eliminates the need for widening or modifying the RV entry door. It can be installed on the exterior of the RV, adjacent to the entry door. It can also be installed inside the door, mounted in the step-well of the RV. The user sits in the lift chair, pushes the hand-held control button, then rises gently on the vertical lift tube. The RV lift chair swings through the door opening into the interior of the RV, bringing the user to the living floor of the vehicle. The double-hinged design of the swing arm allows the durable aluminum chair to turn to any angle for easy loading. Customization is a regular part of our business because we know each individual’s situation is unique.



RV Handicapped Lift Installation

The RV Handicapped lift is powered by the RV accessory battery and operates with a reversing twelve volt DC power-head (motor). It can be installed on almost any RV with minimal modification to the vehicle. The lift is supported at the bottom by a metal bracket that is firmly welded to a solid member of the RV structure. The top of the lift tube is mounted by a bracket through the exterior wall of the RV, using a metal backing plate on the inside wall. The swing arm and chair assembly extend over two feet into the interior of the vehicle. If the RV does not have a floor extension that covers the step well area, the installer must fabricate a step well cover so that the lift user cannot step back into the step well area while transferring from the lift chair onto the RV floor. When traveling, the chair and swing arm assembly are easily removed, and stowed in a storage compartment or inside of the vehicle.

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