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Grace Home and Life Solutions Inc. specialize in the proper mobility unit to fit your lifestyle. Offering Stairlifts, Platform lifts, Modular Ramps, and much more. Regain your freedom, independence and stay in the home you love!  At Grace, we service everything we sell. Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions about the products we offer. We have certified installers throughout the state of Michigan. Installation and service is just a phone call away. 810-985-4457

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a stairlift installation take?

After the deposit has been made a stairlift can take between 5-10 business days to e delivered to us. It will then take our installers 3-4 hours to install the unit.​


What are the weight limits of the stairlifts?

For the standard unit, it is 300 pounds. The Heavy Duty unit will handle up to 350 pounds. This unit will also come with a wider seat and armrest

How do I get off of the stairlift?

The unit will swivel 90 degrees at the top of the stairs instead of being on the stairs.

Can a grab bar be installed?

Yes! A grab bar is a great way to add stability when getting off of the stairlift.

Will my stairlift work in a power outage?

Yes! The stairlifts are equipped with a battery and some lifts can go an average of 35 trips without power.

How many remotes come with the Stairlift?

2 handheld remotes come with the stairlift and can be worked with one person at the top and another at the bottom. This can help with bringing groceries and laundry up the stairs. 

What to do when stairs that end in a hallway or in front of a door?

There is a hinged rail option allowing the railing to be raised and out of the way when not in use. 

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